I am a mixed media and collage artist focusing on colour and texture to create two and three dimensional works which include sculptures, hangings, vessels and books.


I work primarily with fibre and textiles, particularly vintage Japanese textiles, which I love for their suppleness and texture, but also glass and found objects including pods, wood, shell and bone.

Name: Robyn Jay
Address: 258 Witta Rd
Witta, Qld 4552
Phone: 0414287499

More About Me

As a child growing up on the land I was always a maker and creator and often worked alongside my artist mother exploring clay, paint, wire forms and stitch. At school I studied art, textiles and design and at university while studying education completed a sub-major in art. Now, after a long career in education I’ve returned to my first love; textiles and design.

I use the natural environment; the desert, the beach, the forest etc for inspiration, and use a camera to slow my step and focus my attention on detail. I love the beauty of nature’s imperfections and use thread, beads, ink, natural dyes to capture the essence of what I see.