Blowing Glass is my passion for over 30 years and to work with this difficult but fascinating medium has made me what I’m today.


Man made Glass is around for thousands of years and natural Glass for millions.
It still hasn’t lost it’s fascination. To make it do what you want is a never ending battle but it is worth all the effort and pain.
To watch Glass makers and Glass blowers at work mesmerizes nearly everybody who is lucky enough to witness the process.


Studio Address:
4/39 Gaden Rd
Montville Qld 4560

Phone: 0431 982 393

More About Me

I was born in Leipzig,Germany and worked as a Civil Engineer to the age of 26 .

After meeting some Glass blowers from the idyllic Glass Village of Lauscha in the Thueringa Forrest and been invited into their Studios, I found the one and ONLY thing I wanted to do. Blowing Glass.

One of these Artists became my very best friend and Mentor.

It was a rocky but intense and interesting ride but I loved every bit of it.

The medium Glass led me to the Artisan Village of Ahrenshoop at the coast of the Baltic Sea.That’s where I build and started my first Studio. 1995 I migrated to Australia and started my second studio in Bundaberg at the famous ” Schmeiders Cooperage ” and lived at the beautiful seaside Village of Elliot Heads.
After working on a big commission for the Ramada Resort in Harvey Bay and the contact with my new partner in crime and glass , Tina Cooper , her Glass Magic pushed me even further in the world of Glass and we haven’t even scratched the surface after 30 years in trying to understand this Beauty.