Welcome to our April newsletter 2024.


Message From The Editor

Jen Braithwaite (President) has, again, been absolutely flat out working on grants however I just wanted to share some thoughts with you!

In a world dominated by politics, economics, and science, the arts bring life and colour to our existence. They paint vivid pictures, compose soul-stirring melodies, and tell stories that connect us deeply.

As an arts group, we play a crucial role in enriching our culture. We expose people to diverse perspectives and traditions, breaking down barriers and inviting exploration. We champion creativity and innovation, reminding society of its value beyond practicality. Through our art, we challenge norms, spark conversations, and inspire change. Most importantly, we provide comfort, inspiration, and hope during challenging times.

In a divided world, the arts offer a refuge for the soul, fostering unity and understanding among people. Ultimately, the arts nourish our spirits, ignite our imaginations, and cultivate empathy. Our contribution is not a luxury but a necessity, weaving together the fabric of society and uniting humanity in our shared journey.

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