Welcome to our January newsletter 2024.

Welcoming in 2024!


Sculpture on the Edge

Flaxton Gardens again hosted the event this year and hosted us as organisers as well, their partnership made it a very successful event.  The venue is beautiful, the staff are the best, their hospitality and food second to none and was enjoyed by many, if you were able to make it amongst the 6,000 visitors I am sure you will agree.

The photos shared here are my own whilst we wait for our official ones.

Some of the most valuable things I have taken from the event were the relationships and the friendships made. Listening to our sponsors and co-workers, artists, visitors and working with our volunteers was also of vital importance!

Shout out to Jane Caleo and her daughter, Pamela, who kept coming on the days when we had no-one, Len and Enid Wilkinson who served faithfully also, along with Alan, his family and staff who all feel like family, our new team members who stepped up and were awesome, Jane, Deb and Danielle, all our volunteers, you were fantastic, thank you!  Those moments shared with our team (who are amazing) and visitors, sharing their enjoyment, listening to artists talks, seeing our visitors on tours, the enjoyment of those who participated in the workshops.

A big thank you to Gretchen Keelty our Director who took us on a journey with her, amazing job, we thank you!

Thank you to the artists who entered too, you didn’t get to hear the hushed voices and amazement at the viewers of your sculptures, your works were enjoyed and celebrated.

We acknowledge that there was some controversy with the winner this year and with all art competitions, it draws many opinions, comments and reflections on ones personal beliefs and views of what art is or should be.  We have taken on board the many contributions made to making the event even better in 2024.

We have scheduled a planning meeting in January for the future of ACI and the events, exhibitions, workshops we will be running and plan to run.  We have a membership of 220 at the moment, we all have different skills and abilities, we appreciate all of our members and their input as well as those of our sponsors /supporters and subscribers.

In closing, again thank you for your ongoing support and dedication to Arts Connect Inc.

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