Welcome to our March newsletter 2024.


Message From The Editor

Hi everyone

Welcome to March….. and the rain continues!  At least, though, we do not seem to be having such hot days and the temperature has been more pleasant!

The Arts Connect Committee have been busy, busy, busy, with Open Studios just around the corner and SOTE now open for registrations.  As a result, Jen Braithwaite, our illustrious President, has been a bit snowed under whilst welcoming new members to the committee and assisting them in bringing their unique skills to the roles they have so generously volunteered for.

Lea Parkes is our Open Studios co-ordinator and has been working hard on securing sponsorship and connecting with community groups, as well as assisting artists and their applications.  It will be a great event and we all look forward to participating.  Big thank you to Lea!

Deb Weaver (already a committee member) is our SOTE co-ordinator, but as I am sure you are aware, this is a huge role and the team is essentially still being developed so if you are interested in offering your own unique skills as part of this team, please email sote@artsconnectinc.com.au for more information on how to be involved.  See newsletter below for dates and a link to the SOTE website.

There will be an exhibition for 2D artists middle of the year, more details to come…  Jane Ericksen is our co-ordinator – contact Jane at exhibitions@artsconnectinc.com.au for more info or if you would consider getting involved with the exhibitions team.

We are all, I am sure, very appreciative of all that our ACI colleagues bring to the team!  There has been and still is an enormous amount of effort required from our volunteers (who represent really just a handful of willing participants) to keep ACI an up and running organisation, so please, if you can help, then put your hand up and contact the team members co-ordinating the events you feel you could most comfortably fit in with.

Many hands make light work!

The ACI committee is, and will continue to be, an evolving work in progress and we value your input so please do not hesitate to send us an email if you have ideas, input or information which you would like to share.

With kind regards

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