Richard Muldoon, ACI President

Twenty twenty (2020) may well be a year to forget, however your Arts Connect Committee have been hard at work making big changes behind the scenes. We’ve taken this opportunity to consolidate our membership, and work on better serving our members. The biggest news is we have launched the new Arts Connect website, and all feedback from members has been hugely positive!

Thanks go to Kim Herringe and all her work in creating a website that comprehensively delivers on our key deliverables as part of our Mission Statement. If you have not been online to check it out, be sure you do and become familiar with it.

Within the website there are many opportunities for you to feature your work and promote yourself or perhaps a workshop or exhibition. To find out more I invite you to one of our social media workshops coming up very soon, as she will be touching on how members can utilise the website for their own benefit.

Finally I would like to draw your attention to your member profiles on the website. Please check and ensure your profile is present, filled out correctly, and has images. Find out more about member profiles here. The profile page features all our member artists, and we want it to look as amazing as it can be, showcasing  your work, and being informative.

Until next time,
Richard Muldoon