Richard Muldoon, ACI President

This edition of the widely read and much loved Arts Connect Newsletter is sadly the last for our intrepid and always wonderful Jacky Lowry. Jacky has collated, written, and edited the Newsletter over the time I have been a member, and for many years prior. Her dedication and exactitude with content and presentation, as well as her commitment to presenting reliable and newsworthy arts happenings in our region has been much appreciated by the membership.

We must remember that the ACI committee members are volunteers, and no-one has been more committed to their responsibility than Jacky. She is much loved by the committee, and whilst she will be missed in her role, we look forward to seeing her regularly at our events and functions.

Thank you also Jacky for all you have done above and beyond the Newsletter. You have assisted in some way at almost every event by Arts Connect, and you have contributed invaluable experience to the organisation over the years, ultimately benefiting artists in our region. You will be impossible to replace.

Personally I thank you for your friendship and always welcome advice in matters of life. I’d say we’ll miss you, but I know we will be fortunate enough to see you still supporting ACI at our workshops, events and functions.

Best wishes and much love on behalf of the committee

Until next time,
Richard Muldoon