Welcome to our March Newsletter for 2023.

President’s Report

Welcome to our March Newsletter for 2023.

President’s Report
Hello Members, president Evelyn here, reporting for duty.
Upon stepping into my new roll on the committee for 2023 I’ve felt nothing but well received. So I just wanted to extend me gratitude and thank all our members, sponsors and especially the committee for this warm welcoming.

I’ve been busy learning the ins and out of this wonderful organisation and gathering information to implement a few changes for the year ahead. All while working in my own full time business running, The Joy Collective, Maleny.

I’ve spent majority of my 1st two weeks calling each Open Studios registered Artist & Galleries in regards to our recent change of event dates, having great chats and hearing out the needs of our participants that we are taking into account for the future of this great event. We are thrilled with the response and understanding of our participants in moving the dates & welcome more registrations every day.

While the rest of the team has been working hard behind the scenes organising and planning everything for 2023 we’ve been adding to our Committee. Recently welcoming Treasurer Isobel Hooper & Vice President & head of Marketing & PR Carissa Belham. This wonderful woman has jumped in full steam with creating a great marketing plan, content plans and sponsorship packages to be released soon.

The brains behind a lot of this handover and fresh start to the new year has come down to three incredibly hard working individuals Ian & Jen Braithwaite & Gretchen Keelty – the former president. They have not stopped since Sculpture on the edge event last year.
I wouldn’t have been able to feel so supported in this role without them.

To wrap this up thanks again for welcoming us in, thanks for being patient with us and any changes. If you are feeling called to help we are still looking for committee members and many roles will be released soon for our Open Studios event. Keep an eye out, better yet feel free to send us a message if you’d like to be involved. Have a wonderful month ahead .

Kind Regards, Evelyn Joy
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