Welcome to our March Newsletter for 2022.

President’s Report

President’s Note…
Hello fellow artists and friends,

March is a very Busy month in the ACI calendar. On Saturday 5th We have the closing event for Truth Healing and Prophecy. (Be sure to register your attendance below.)

From 18 March we begin Open Studios Sunshine Coast 2022.

We are grateful for the huge commitment of our project manager Toni Eggleston and for the vision of the previous president, Richard Muldoon, for the creation of a trail that incorporates the whole Sunshine Coast.

I really appreciate the huge effort of our current committee and their dedication to the organisation. We have a great mix of experience and expertise. Shortly you will receive a questionnaire asking you how we can best serve our members. Please take the time to fill this out as it will be used to fine tune our upcoming programs.

Wishing you a great month ahead and I look forward to seeing you at the closing event or on the Open Studios Trail,


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