Welcome to our May newsletter 2024.


Message From The President

Greetings and welcome to our May newsletter!

As we gear up for the excitement of Open Studios, let’s remember that each brushstroke, each note played, and every word written is a testament to our dedication and passion for the arts. Embrace this opportunity to showcase your creativity and talent, knowing that your work has the power to inspire and uplift others. Remember, you are not just artists, but visionaries shaping our cultural landscape.

Open Studios is an important event for participating artists whether they be established, emerging or passionate hobbyists as it gives them a chance to connect with new audiences, create awareness and ultimately to sell their work.

I wish each of the artists every success, and hope the experience brings them new insights, understandings and inspiration to continue on their journey. We are fortunate to have some wonderful sponsors, partners and supporters who have assisted us in so many ways including distributing our printed art trail guides – which can be found at Sunshine Coast Art & Framing Gallery at Minyama and Noosaville, and Equity Makers Gallery at Sunshine Plaza.

We also have three wonderful silver sponsors this year who have gone above and beyond, in their support and involvement in Open Studios which has been great. Thanks to Art School Co at Buderim, Picture Hanging Systems Pty Ltd at Eumundi and Bienarte Art School Brisbane and Landsborough.

… and now, for a little humor to lighten the mood:

Why did the artist break up with their paintbrush? Because it kept leaving strokes behind! 😄

Keep creating, keep inspiring, and let’s make this Open Studios event a celebration of artistry in all its forms.

Jen Braithwaite


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